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Masturbate The Cat

“Masturbate The Cat” is a daring and controversial collection of short stories that delve into the depths of societal taboos and the darker aspects of human desires. Each story in this anthology pushes conventional storytelling’s boundaries, exploring themes often left unspoken and all with a large dose of humor.
5-Stars - Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Outrageous and hilarious in equal measure, Masturbate the Cat is a rip-roaringly funny short story collection that will have readers in stitches. Jack Dancer treads a fine line between eroticism and absurdism in these short stories that are full of action, humor, and lots and lots of sex. Dancer is vivid with his descriptions, and it leads to scenes and situations that are seared into your mind while reading the book. The characters are lively and leap off the pages, keeping you entertained with their larger-than-life exaggerated personas. What impressed me the most about this collection was how Dancer managed to make each story stand on its own with a resounding climax and pack so much within a few pages while keeping the larger narrative intact as a whole. The book isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy raunchy tales of adventure, don't miss this one.

5-Stars - K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Stands out for its audacity. The work presents a provocative collection of short stories that fearlessly tackles societal taboos and delves into the darker facets of human desires. Each narrative within this anthology pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling, exploring themes often shunned, all while injecting a substantial dose of humor.

Dancer's ability to present the narratives in a relatable, conversational tone adds a layer of accessibility to themes that are typically approached with trepidation. This collection stands out for its audacity in addressing topics that many shy away from, creating a space for unconventional storytelling that stimulates reflection and conversation. Overall, I would certainly recommend Masturbate The Cat for fans seeking an immersive experience into the unconventional and sometimes uncomfortable corners of human existence.

5-Stars - Essien Asian for Readers' Favorite

As distinctive as it is enjoyable. Jack Dancer’s Masturbate The Cat is a collection of twenty short stories detailing encounters of an unusual nature. There is no doubt that human copulation comes up frequently across several media, but I daresay not quite in the manner that Dancer discusses it. Most of the stories have a sexual theme that is not only humorous but, combined with the educational angle that Dancer infuses into the characters’ conversations, will make you wonder why you have never thought about it in the same way.

The reader will easily be able to relate to all the characters, given their diverse backgrounds and compelling origin stories. Dancer's singular storytelling style includes some forthright discussions about the naughty parts of the human anatomy and specific questions that some readers might find incredibly lighthearted when discussing serious subjects. After you get used to the stories' style and varying pacing, you will discover that Masturbate The Cat is a collection as distinctive as it is enjoyable.

“A brilliant piece of comical irreverence.
        Talk about heresy! Your tongue-in-cheek sacrilegious "confession" certainly fits that bill. It is well-informed, craftily written, and hilarious.”

        Dr. Bernard Schweizer, Director Heresy Press
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