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   The Bomb is something that I came up with when I was dating on MatchDotCom.


   Maybe like you, I was going through a divorce after a long-term marriage at the time, and I wanted to get on with my new life. I wanted to meet women. And let me be perfectly honest. I didn't want to meet them to get married. I wanted to get laid.


   I also didn't want just anyone. I wanted women who were good-looking (if not beautiful), fun and intelligent. But mostly, I wanted to be with women that I would enjoy being with.


   There was no shortage of candidates on MatchDotCom based on what I saw and the profiles I read. But every other guy in the universe was after these same gals, and my appeals weren't working.


Competition was stiff.


   I tried everything, and nothing was working very well. I wrote every kind of profile (the "Describe Yourself" part), and nothing seemed to work.


                              The truth was, everybody was saying the same junk.


   "I like midnight walks on the beach, holding hands, romantic dinners or just a simple meal at home."

Zzzzz. Snoring, Boring.  

   Then one dateless night (and most were) I finally got fed up and did something crazy.


I wrote, "The Bomb."

   Took about ten minutes tops.


   I figured, what the hell? What do I have to lose? So I posted it on my profile page and went to bed - alone, again.

   When I awoke the next day, I'd forgotten about it. I got dressed and went into the office like any other day. When I got home that evening and walked into my empty apartment with no date to look forward to, I remembered that crazy thing I posted the night before.

   So I fired up the computer and got to the MatchDotCom login page thinking they probably threw me off the site. But no. I got on, and when I went to my email, my inbox was loaded!


   I couldn't believe it. Then I thought maybe these are emails from pissed-off women complaining that I should be drawn and quartered. But no again!


   They were all from women who wanted to meet me! 

   Holy shit! I had birthed the goose that laid the golden egg! And I was a guy!

   And it was all because of the "Describe Yourself" profile I had written out of desperation.

   What followed was more dates than I would have ever thought possible.


   And with the hottest women out there. Naturally, I went nuts.


   At one point I was dating 12 different women at the same time. No kidding. 


   One for lunch, another for dinner and another for the evening. It got so crazy that I couldn't keep 'em straight and like a fool I made the faux pas of calling a couple of 'em by the wrong name.


   That's when I learned that whenever you're in doubt, her name is Honey, or Sugar or Sweetheart - anything but the wrong thing.

   I became a serial dater, and I was having the time of my life. After a while, I wasn't contacting anyone. They were contacting me. At one point a woman emailed me asking for a date, and when I accepted, and we went out, she said she discovered me as a featured profile on Match while she was flying on a business trip.

   I dated flight attendants and traveled all over the world on companion passes. And boy did I have some adventures there!

   Just to show you how crazy this dating stuff can get I took one crazy jaunt I made to Barcelona and wrote about it—turned it into a three books I call the Detour Paris series.














But let's not get too sidetracked.

                                                          You're here for the Bomb.

          So,         and duck my friend because you're about to become the Bomb!


(Left on a getaway to Barcelona with a flight attendant only to end up catching another flight to London then chunneling by train to Paris with another woman. All down through France and through the Pyrenees to Barcelona engaging in some pretty ...


Let's just say the rails were burning all the way down. Some hilarious shit too ...


Until the dead guy showed up and leaving a hundred million euro ...


Yeah, crazy but you can read about it yourself because I'm gonna give it to you for nothing.


And if you don't want to read the story, give it to your girlfriend or wife. At least she'll have something to get off on other than your sorry ... Well, you get the idea.) 

“…sexy … funny.”

5-stars Chris Fischer

for Readers’ Favorite.

“…hot and steamy… Dancer becomes addictive…”

5-stars, Grady Harp, Amazon’s Top 100 Reviewers.


“…totally captivating …”

4 stars, Sam Ryan, Barnes & Noble.

“…plenty of action, mystery, and intrigue …right up my alley.”

5-Stars, LunarK9, Amazon Reviewer.

Here's what a few guys had  to say about Detour Paris ...

And because you're about to become the Bomb,

the first one's on me - Detour Paris.

(Click the book cover to choose an ebook format and download. A new window will open so you won't lose your place here.)

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