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Bill Jones


is a man that could

melt the ice from

any frozen heart …


(a man) many women

can only dream of finding.”

Catherine Grainger, Amazon.

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Jack Blue
"An Unconventional Love Story." 

KatManBlue: Sex, Thugs & Wack-A-Mole is a work of fiction in the romance, suspense, and adventure subgenres. It is best suited to adult readers owing to some moderate violence, sexual content, and explicit language throughout. Penned by author Bill Jones, this is a gritty, unconventional love story told from a male perspective that immerses readers in the raw, visceral world of its characters. Jack Blue's encounter with Katerina Reyes is not a typical boy-meets-girl scenario; it's a powerful emotional upheaval that reshapes his life. Jones paints a picture of love driven by instinctual magnetism, capturing the complexities of adult relationships that go far beyond clichéd romance.

Author Bill Jones weaves a narrative filled with twists and turns, keeping readers engaged as his realistic and never-sugar-coated love story plays out. One of the standout features of the work for me was its dialogue style, which helps to move the narrative on without huge chunks of unnecessary prose and keeps the characters sharp in your mind as they each have a distinctive attitude. I enjoyed the dry humor that permeated the work and the strange cast of additional characters whom Jack drags in to help him recover Kat (and indeed his sanity) as the plot swirls into a tempest around him. Overall, KatManBlue is not just a love story; it's a rollercoaster ride through the grit and chaos of life that offers a refreshing and compelling tale of love, loss, and unexpected redemption. I would certainly recommend it to romance fans seeking something totally new.

"Hit The Jackpot!

KatManBlue: Sex, Thugs & Wack-A-Mole by Bill Jones is a frenzied adventure novel centered on protagonist Jack, who serendipitously meets Kat at JFK after missed flights, and they spontaneously pair up on a train journey to Barcelona. Meanwhile, Drusilla Libica, known as the Raven, coordinates a covert mission to intercept Paulo Marti, who possesses a valuable lottery ticket. Jack's complex relationships come to the forefront as he navigates feelings for Kat and his girlfriend. Romantic feelings between Jack and Kat take hold, but danger in Barcelona kicks off. Jack's strong sense of justice has him intervening in unjust situations, and he decides to follow leads to gather information about Paulo, Drusilla Libica, and compromising photos. Also unfurling are scams, kidnapping, ransom, suspicious deaths, accusations, and castle break-ins.

I know that sounds like a lot, but trust me when I say that the degree of action and mystery is just the tip of the crema Catalana in KatManBlue by Bill Jones. There is a satirical tone to Jones' writing, and that adds to the unique progression of the plot and subplots, of which there are quite a few. Jack is the kind of guy who is fallible but inherently good at just about anything, with the possible exception of successful ransom exchanges. But nobody is perfect. Strangely, in all of this coming and going, it is the ancillary character of Jack's girlfriend Ebba, who is jilted when Jack decides to whirl through Europe with Kat, whose backstory and story moving
forward I enjoyed the most. Jones balances wit comfortably with serious adventure, and while we may not have a winning lottery ticket ourselves, Jones has hit the jackpot with his tale

Very Highly Recommended.”

In the novel KatManBlue: Sex, Thugs & Wack-A-Mole by Bill Jones, Jack's life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Kat. Amidst romantic entanglements, Dr. Drusilla Libica orchestrates a mission involving a valuable lottery ticket held by Paulo Marti. They end up in Barcelona, where Jack finds himself caught up in a web of fraud, kidnappings, and intrigue. Jack works with a group of detectives, including the mysterious Dick's Dicks and the tech wizard Mike Speed, to find the cause of the mayhem and save the now-kidnapped Kat. As the lines between lies and truth converge in the energetic streets of El Raval Barrio, Jack's search takes multiple turns as he tries desperately to turn the tide his way.

In a book that has an impressive string of fast-paced events, Bill Jones still manages to keep readers in a straight line and connected with his characters in KatManBlue. Jack Blue's transformation from casual traveler to someone deeply involved in unraveling the Raven's mysteries, as well as his interactions with people like Kat, Enric, Cesc, Guillem, and Rakim, offer insight into their backgrounds and motivations. There is mystery and espionage wrapped up in an armchair tour of Spain, and a couple of serious twists that I did not see coming at all. Jones layers suspense that is exemplified by the gradual unfolding of the plot and is able to thread tension through every scene. Raven, a criminal mastermind, is the perfect antithesis to Jack's moral fortitude, and I could see this character with the real potential of expanding into a series regular. Very highly recommended.

In The Works

In The Works.

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Blood County Blues

The planet may spin on its axis, but our world turns on the silicon mined out of a clannish Appalachian backwater, making it the lynchpin to the world as we know it.

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The Author

Bill Jones

lives in the mountains near

Little Switzerland, North Carolina.


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