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Jack Dancer

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is a man that could

melt the ice from

any frozen heart …


(a man) many women

can only dream of finding.”

Catherine Grainger, Amazon.


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Tucker Blue
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“This book is Smokin’ Hot”

5-Stars, Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorites.

“A sexy, hilarious thriller like no other.”

5-Stars, Melissa Robinson for Amazon.

“One of the most original and just flat-out crazy romanc adventures I’ve read in a long time.”

5-Stars, Steph Coleman for Goodreads.

“The tempo of the novel was super high…the energy pulsating…Tucker was swoonworthy...the perfect hero”

5-Stars, Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite.

“Spills and thrills, hot romance, interesting twists and turns.”

5-Stars, Grady Harp for Amazon.

“Intoxicating combination of humor, danger, adventure, sex, and mystery rolled into one.”

4-Stars, Anabella Johnson for Goodreads.

“Kept me eagerly turning the pages of my Kindle late into the evening.”

5-Stars, Sherri Warner for Goodreads.

“Thank you, Jack Dancer, you are amazing!”

5-Stars, S.Follmer for Amazon.

“Very graphic in the violence and sex. It didn't bother me personally.”

5-Stars Melissa Robinson for Amazon.

“Any reader who likes action, adventure, thrillers, suspense, a sexy read, or just a plain great read. I am so happy to recommend this book.”

5-Stars, Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite.

“A whirlwind of a ride!”

5-Stars, Sierra Klein for Amazon.

Spanish Prisoner Cover 4 Standing copy.png

Tucker Blue, fresh off a divorce and diving headfirst into the shark-infested waters of midlife dating, never saw it coming. He was the perfect mark, the ideal target for a scam older than sin itself—Spanish Prisoner.


It all started with a girl, as these things often do. Monica Reyes, with a face that could stop traffic and curves that could cause a pile-up. Tucker fell hard, fast, and stupid the moment he laid eyes on her at the airport. 

When their standby status left them both grounded, Tucker, thinking with the wrong head, convinced Monica to join him on a spur-of-the-moment jaunt across the pond. London, then a fancy train ride through France, all the way to Barcelona.


But somewhere between his relentless pursuit of Monica’s favors and his romantic fumbles, Tucker stumbled ass-backwards into a government sting operation. And just like that, he was holding the winning lotto ticket—a cool €120 million, the bait meant to snare a big-time crook.


Now, Tucker and Monica are in the crosshairs, with not one but two crews of bad guys hot on their heels. They're running for their lives, ducking and weaving through Barcelona's underbelly, from swanky hotels to the seedy maze of Barcelona’s El Raval barrio and eventually a 12th-century castle, where even the ancient stone walls are demons nipping at their heels.


Trapped in a pressure cooker of danger and desire, Tucker and Monica's fledgling love faces trial by fire. They're forced to confront not just the threats lurking in every shadow but their own honesty, devotion, and the uncertain specter of their future. In the end, it’s more than a battle for survival; it's a voyage of self-discovery, where true courage is measured not in the face of danger but in the depths of enduring love.


This is no candy-coated love story, folks. "Spanish Prisoner" is a blood-and-lust-soaked trip to the heart of man's more primal impulses. One-part erotic potboiler, one-part Hitchcockian thriller, author Jack Dancer turns the screws 'til you're squirming, dying to know whodunit.


But don't expect a tidy little whodunit. This is edge-of-your-seat suspense, the kind that sinks its teeth in and doesn't let go. Dancer delivers a fever dream of a story that'll scorch your eyeballs, set your hair on fire, and make you laugh ’til your teeth fall out.


Fair warning: once you start, you won't be able to stop.


So strap in, grab your crotch, and prepare for the ride of your life. "Spanish Prisoner" will rope you, grope you, and leave you panting in a tangled heap, begging for more. 


Warning: Mature Content Ahead. This is no ride for the faint of heart. You’re about to experience a no-holds-barred, unflinching look at love in the mid-life lane. Buckle up.

Spanish Prisoner Cover 4 Standing copy.png

5-Stars, K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorites


Spanish Prisoner: World's Oldest Con Game: Money, Love and Sex is a work of fiction in the romance, suspense, and adventure genres. It is best suited to mature adult readers owing to scenes of explicit sex and violence as well as the use of strong language throughout. Penned by author Jack Dancer, the plot exposes the intricate web of deceit woven around Tucker Blue, a divorced man navigating midlife dating. Falling for the irresistible Monica Reyes, Tucker unwittingly becomes entangled in a government sting operation, thrusting him into a dangerous game of deception and desire.

Author Jack Dancer showcases a passion for suspense and action as he crafts a wild rollercoaster ride through the murky waters of love, lust, and deceit. The gripping narrative has a great balance of action-packed details and smooth pacing, and it kept me on the edge of my seat, eagerly turning pages to unravel the tangled web of intrigue surrounding Tucker and Monica. The steamy romance between the protagonists is characterized by their strong, dynamic dialogue, which also shows their individual witticisms and powerful attitude differences. The relentless suspense of the plot twists is measured to toe the line carefully between realism and larger-than-life moments, and the continuing revelations kept me guessing until the very end. Dancer's vivid descriptions painted a realistic and emotionally resonant picture of Barcelona's vibrant streets and seedy underbelly, adding an immersive layer to the tale that really matched the mood of the characters well. As the stakes escalated and danger loomed around every corner, I found myself fully invested in Tucker and Monica's tumultuous journey. Overall, Spanish Prisoner is a gripping thriller that delves deep into the darker aspects of human nature, and I would certainly recommend it.

Spanis Prisoner Synopsis
Harald's Gold
Harald Cover 3-D 150.png

Hunt For Harald's Gold

Reviewed For Amazon

by Stephen R. Wilson


"An engrossing mix of themes"


Dancer produces a remarkable Scottish love story with an engrossing mix of intrigue, legendary tales, and romance. The character development is astute in that I found myself almost rooting for some characters. It is surprising how the quest to find the gold nugget hidden by the Viking king during an unsuccessful England invasion is twisted to relate to the freedom of Scotland from England.

The beautifully crafted novel cannot be categorized under any genre due to the many themes Dancer fits in the novel, including freedom, revenge, adventure, loyalty, transgender issues, love, and patriotism. I like the way the author provides a background of characters, like Billie, Fiona, and Tucker, in a way that defines their role in the story.

The exotic places give a sense of mystery, and the plot is carefully constructed as the author handles the conflict at different levels throughout the book while introducing it right from the beginning. It is simply one act of great imagination.

In The Works

In The Works.

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American Picts

The planet may spin on its axis, but our world turns on the silicon mined out of a clannish Appalachian backwater, making it the lynchpin to the world as we know it.

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The Author

Jack Dancer

lives in the
North Carolina mountains


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