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Jack Dancer

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is a man that could

melt the ice from

any frozen heart …


(a man) many women

can only dream of finding.”

Catherine Grainger, Amazon.


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Tucker Blue
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     Tucker Blue, fresh off a divorce and diving headfirst into the shark-infested waters of midlife dating, never saw it coming. He was the perfect mark, the ideal target for a scam older than sin itself—Spanish Prisoner.

     It all started with a girl, as these things often do. Monica Reyes, with a face that could stop traffic and curves that could cause a pile-up. Tucker fell hard, fast, and stupid the moment he laid eyes on her at the airport. 

     When their standby status left them both grounded, Tucker, thinking with the wrong head, convinced Monica to join him on a spur-of-the-moment jaunt across the pond. London, then a fancy train ride through France, all the way to Barcelona.

     But somewhere between his relentless pursuit of Monica’s favors and his romantic fumbles, Tucker stumbled ass-backwards into a government sting operation. And just like that, he was holding the winning lotto ticket—a cool €120 million, the bait meant to snare a big-time crook.

      Now, Tucker and Monica are in the crosshairs, with not one but two crews of bad guys hot on their heels. They're running for their lives, ducking and weaving through Barcelona's underbelly, from swanky hotels to the seedy maze of Barcelona’s El Raval barrio and eventually a 12th-century castle, where even the ancient stone walls are demons nipping at their heels.

     Trapped in a pressure cooker of danger and desire, Tucker and Monica's fledgling love faces trial by fire. They're forced to confront not just the threats lurking in every shadow but their own honesty, devotion, and the uncertain specter of their future. In the end, it’s more than a battle for survival; it's a voyage of self-discovery, where true courage is measured not in the face of danger but in the depths of enduring love.

     This is no candy-coated love story, folks. "Spanish Prisoner" is a blood-and-lust-soaked trip to the heart of man's more primal impulses. One-part erotic potboiler, one-part Hitchcockian thriller, author Jack Dancer turns the screws 'til you're squirming, dying to know whodunit.

      But don't expect a tidy little whodunit. This is edge-of-your-seat suspense, the kind that sinks its teeth in and doesn't let go. Dancer delivers a fever dream of a story that'll scorch your eyeballs, set your hair on fire, and make you laugh ’til your teeth fall out.

     Fair warning: once you start, you won't be able to stop.

     So strap in, grab your crotch, and prepare for the ride of your life. "Spanish Prisoner" will rope you, grope you, and leave you panting in a tangled heap, begging for more. 

     Warning: Mature Content Ahead. This is no ride for the faint of heart. You’re about to experience a no-holds-barred, unflinching look at love in the mid-life lane. Buckle up

Spanis Prisoner Synopsis
Harald's Gold
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Hunt For Harald's Gold

Reviewed For Amazon

by Stephen R. Wilson


"An engrossing mix of themes"


Dancer produces a remarkable Scottish love story with an engrossing mix of intrigue, legendary tales, and romance. The character development is astute in that I found myself almost rooting for some characters. It is surprising how the quest to find the gold nugget hidden by the Viking king during an unsuccessful England invasion is twisted to relate to the freedom of Scotland from England.

The beautifully crafted novel cannot be categorized under any genre due to the many themes Dancer fits in the novel, including freedom, revenge, adventure, loyalty, transgender issues, love, and patriotism. I like the way the author provides a background of characters, like Billie, Fiona, and Tucker, in a way that defines their role in the story.

The exotic places give a sense of mystery, and the plot is carefully constructed as the author handles the conflict at different levels throughout the book while introducing it right from the beginning. It is simply one act of great imagination.

American Picts


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Lynchpin Of The World

     In the shadow-draped hollows of McKinnon County, enfolded within the cerulean crests of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, an age-old secret thrums. This untouched domain is the fount of the world's purest quartz, a substance vital to the semiconductor industry—the scaffolding upon which rests a trillion-dollar technological empire. Here, in McKinnon County, hinges the destiny of our digital era, its fate precariously poised.

     Yet more than mere earth is steeped in legend; the lifeblood of Charlie McKinnon, a man of prodigious appetites who sired 52 progeny across four wives, pulses through the mountain folk. Descendants of ancient Pictish warriors, these American Picts bear ancestry that etched defiance on skin in hues of blue, vanquishing Rome's legions on Caledonia's wind-scoured moors.

      Into this labyrinthine tapestry of history and avarice strides Julian Blackhardt, a billionaire of glacial blood, his stratagems poised to wield power on a global scale. His pawn? The vulnerable heiress to the selfsame mining concerns that pillage the county's wealth. But as the machinations of Blackhardt's ilk unspool, so too does their schematic fray, commencing with the hushed utterances of Silas Troutman, whistleblower. 

     Tucker Blue, believing his purpose a mere visitation at his uncle's behest, finds himself tempest-snared, far beyond reckoning. Greeted by a Slaughterbot—a harbinger of death better suited to a dystopian nightmare than Appalachian hollows—he is thrust into a maelstrom of high-tech butchery, political intrigue, and an amor blossoming amidst bedlam.

     But a deeper decay festers in McKinnon County, a putrid wound of inequity that has enshrined its society in pristine "lily-white" through generations. As Tucker exfoliates this insular community's layers, a bold stratagem unfurls to unseat Blackhardt. Yet in murky waters where friend and foe interchange faces, where truth bears the mask of lies, McKinnon's very soul teeters on a razor's edge.

     With confederates unforeseen, technologies unfathomable, and verities unbearable, the denouement looms—a reckoning entreating whether specters of eras past may ever truly emancipate the future. As the final act careens towards climax, a singular question smolders in McKinnon County's breast: Are history's phantoms the key to salvation or damnation?

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