Tucker Blue.


is a man that could

melt the ice from

any frozen heart …


(a man) many women

can only dream of finding.”

Catherine Grainger, Amazon.

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In The Works

  While on a motorcycle trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Tucker Blue meets and falls in love with his distant cousin, the Reverend Penelope Sacré, after Tucker's Uncle Charlie MacBlue is mysteriously murdered by Slaughterbot drones. Tucker unexpectedly inherits the MacBlue Zoo & Christmas Tree Farm along with a cast of crazy characters in a modern-day Hatfield-McCoy feud to unseat the powerful blood families of Mitchell County.

   When a secret unholy alliance is uncovered between a company mining one of America's most critical strategic minerals in Mitchell County and the government of an Asian superpower, the family feud explodes into an international crisis.

   But must love take a backseat?

The Author

Jack Dancer is a Floridian and transplanted Californian living with his beautiful wife Linda and two four-legged children. Blood County is his fifth novel.


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