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Detour Paris Complete Cover.jpg

Detour Paris Series

In One BooK

Detour Paris, Detour Allure & Detour Amour.

Rated R for mature readers. Contains foul language and explicit scenes of sex and violence.


Tucker Blue, an advertising man and newly-minted mid-life bachelor is about to fly off on a European holiday to Barcelona with his flight attendant girlfriend when an unexpected love-at-first-sight encounter with the beguiling Monica Reyes lures him into a romantic rendezvous of every man’s fantasy. The plane overbooks leaving Tucker and Monica to find an alternate flight. They do, to London where they catch the Eurostar to Paris and beyond, enjoying an erotic escapade riding the rails across France and into the Pyrenees.

   Just as Tucker is about the reach the Promised Land with Monica, a dead man bearing a gift of unimaginable wealth arrives unannounced, and the two lovers are unwittingly thrown into a world of untold danger. Friends abruptly vanish; new ones appear and still others are unmasked as frauds and everything's getting dicey.

   Dead men might tell no tales, but their associates do, and when Tucker begins investigating, truths about his powerful but anonymous adversary begin to unravel, enabling him to find high ground and a narrow chance to triumph over all odds. When he's dealt a second devastating blow from yet another anonymous opponent, Tucker Blue, from all appearances, is out for the count. Not only has he lost the love of his life in the most horrific manner, but he also discovers he’s been the target of an elaborate con game all along. All the money in the world cannot save him now, and Monica’s life hangs in the balance. 

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