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Nanette The Domme

Scene from Detour Paris Book #1

(Adult Material)

This scene initially followed Tucker returning to the Fira Palace hotel after meeting with the banker. He finds a note from Ebba to meet them (she, Janet and Monica) to ride in Juan's limo to the Four Gats restaurant. In this scene, Tucker gets waylaid.

Club M


Scene from Detour Amour Book #3
(Adult Material)

Tucker has made a date with Nanette for dinner and dance at Club M for the night following the ransom drop. His purpose is to put the heat on Nanette to confess her role in the Spanish Prisoner con.

El Raval Apartment


Scene from Detour Allure Book #2

Madame Massanet, the madame of the whorehouse next door gives, Tucker Blue  a tour. There's a lot more to the El Raval apartment than meets the eye.

The Nyotaimori

(Adult Material) 


Scene from Detour Allure Book #2

Tucker goes to Nanette's apartment for a very special dinner party that turns into something he never expected.

Monica & The Boys.

Scene from Detour Allure Book #2

This scene follows the limo scene where Monica bailed from Juan's limo after an altercation with Ebba over the train ride with Tucker.

Tanya's Massage


Scene from Detour Allure Book #2

(Adult Material)

Tucker is down in the dumps and Tanya gives him a massage to relax him and lift his spirits.

Tanya's Gymnastics


Scene from Detour Amour Book #3

(Adult Material)

Rakim has taken everyone hostage and it's up to Tanya to save them.


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Scenes that did not make it into The Spanish Prisoner. 
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