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The secret (the Bomb) is to stand out from the pack in such an interesting way that women cannot help but want to know more about you, to meet you.


And that's exactly what the Bomb can do ... 

      grab their attention and peak their curiosity   ABOUT YOU.

   After that, it's up to you to close the deal.

The secret is in the "Describe Yourself" part of your online profile.


   That's where you set the hook.

Here's the Bomb I wrote:

   "I'm the man of your dreams—your mother said to stay away from while dating herself. Depending on the moon, I might be smart or stupid, cleaned up or dressed down, priest or pirate, maybe a nun, fun or funk, sometimes a bore but never that other thing . . . I work when I want, make a lot, sometimes not, sleep when I want, sometimes a lot, sometimes not, do what I want—sometimes a lot, sometimes not.

   After half-dozen tries I passed, the drivers test and now have a drivers license and even a car, although I'd rather you drive while I do something else—something interesting and meaningful, like tell you how. I have no assets nor want any, no future plans nor want any, no diseases (except for that weird itch) nor want any. I have no hair, no teeth, bad breath (goes with having no teeth), and I weigh 400+ pounds and am four feet even. Yes, I have four even feet. What can I say? I was blessed.

   My general looks are a clear shot above reptilian. Women are nuts about me. They all tell me that on their way out the door. The woman I seek must be beautiful, smart and rich and have a dog. She can smoke like a tarpon, drink like a Baptist, lie like a politician or be as mean and nasty as my last parole officer—just as long as she is beautiful, smart and rich.

   My mom says she needs to be over eighteen this time and at least have legs, two legs preferably but certainly no more than the average centipede. (I want to learn to dance.)

   Sight would be good but not a requirement, as long as she has a seeing-eye dog. I like dogs. And she needs to have teeth since I don’t. My doctor insists it’s important that my food be chewed first to enable proper digestion.

   Most important, if she’s foolish enough to respond to this ad, she had better send a photo, and it had better be good. If not send someone else's photo—someone who is beautiful, smart and rich. Thank you for supporting tsetse fly lovers—the most neglected and challenged minority.”

copyright 2018 Jack Dancer

Yep, I know. It's crazy. Silly even. But that's the point. It's so crazy that it stands out from everyone else out there.

   But, it's not scary crazy, and that's the other point.

Women are attracted to a little crazy but not scary crazy. And humor is the appeal that never fails. (If it does then, trust me, you don't want to date her.)


   To help assure women who read this crazy appeal that you're really not a certified lunatic, every other part of your profile must assure them that you're a safe bet.

A decent photo can do that.


I included a photo of me with a big smile, dressed in a tuxedo. (I was attending a nice party at the time of the photo.)


The photo said this man is: upscale, educated, social, and has a likable demeanor. Someone you'll probably want to meet, even date.

It's the dichotomy of the man in the photo to the crazy "Describe Yourself" copy that makes The Bomb work.

The photo takes any scary that might've been in the crazy profile description away and makes the man in the photo interesting!


Attach a photo of some skinhead covered in tats and no woman in her right mind would take a chance on the man.

(Except maybe a skinhead woman covered in  tats.)

The combination was the Bomb.

   I never changed or modified anything. What I did have to do occasionally was to take the profile down because I either had more than I could handle already or I was throttling back with a select few.

   Eventually, I found my one and only and married her. But I snagged her with the Bomb!

   This is not a cut and paste for you to use verbatim. It's an example. Use it as inspiration to write your own Bomb.


   And when you do, don't spend a lot of time writing, re-writing, editing and all that stuff.


   It's gotta come from your heart and your funny bone.


   Find the right moment when your creative juices are flowing and just throw it down on paper.


   Grammar and punctuation are not important (but try to avoid coming across as a complete moron.) 


This is not a business proposal.

  And guys, remember, when it comes to this stuff, women are smarter than you


They can smell a faker a mile away.

   Read the Detour Paris series and you'll see just how sideways this dating business can go.

   In the meantime, let me know how it goes with your Bomb. Tell me your results.


   Visit, Jack Dancer's Wisdum & Women at

   We'll make this a posting site for anyone using the Bomb. Share experiences like a bunch of girls.


   Only this one'll be about girls ...

                                                         the conquests,

                                                                                 the near misses,

                                                                                                            the restraining orders.

Wisdum & Women. (I like it!) Guys Only! (Even better.)

(And no Virginia, women are not guys no matter what the waiter says.)

Don't Forget.


Free Download.

(Click The Cover.)


If you're dating, you'll want to read this.


If you're not, you'll want to read it anyhow.


And if know someone who is dating online, do them a favor and send 'em this way.

They'll thank you.

Good Luck,

Jack Dancer

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