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Kat Man Blue
Sex, Thugs & Wack-A-Mole.
Kat Man Blue is an updated and abridged rewrite of the three-book Detour Paris Series.

The first sign of luck was when Tucker Blue met Katerina Reyes, and smitten doesn’t begin to describe the man. 

   The second sign appeared just as Blue was entering the Promised Land and a dead man arrived, bearing a gift of unimaginable wealth.

   And then there’s afterward.

   The first sign of trouble was the Raven sending her thugs to get her money back. 

   The second was friends abruptly vanishing; new ones appearing, and others were discovered to be frauds and everything's getting dicey, but who’s counting?

   Dick’s Dicks Private Investigators is hired, and Blue’s hacker genius buddy Mike Speed comes on board.

   Then Kat is kidnapped, and Tucker's world tilts.

   A con game is revealed, players unmasked, ransom demands made, paid and stolen and just as things can’t get much worse, a government agent who was thought to be an ally goes rogue, setting off one more twist to this whack-a-mole thriller.

   Blue goes into hiding under the protective wing of a whorehouse Madame located deep in the infamous El Raval barrio where he devises a campaign to rescue Kat. He’s an advertising man. Campaigns are his bread and butter.

   He forms an army beginning with a gang of street urchins to hijack the upcoming million-man march for Catalonian independence where he’s posted a €5 million bounty on the Raven’s head, dead or alive. 

   Next, the wives of the Raven’s guerilla fighters are recruited for a “nag attack,” turning their husbands into bounty hunters.

   Publicity is the weapon of choice for "outing" the anonymous Raven and turning the sadistic predator into prey. But for the final assault upon her hideaway where Kat is and where one can stand on Spanish soil and look south to France, the weapons of choice are a platoon of Giant Japanese hornets spraying flesh-melting poison and a Wham-O slingshot.

   Then comes the biggest twist of all—the ultimate whack-a-mole.


   One reviewer said, “Just when I thought all the craziness had died down and wrapped up the author sprang that final ending on us, and I was like OH YEAH what about THAT!?”

   Another said the story was, “one of the most original and just flat-out crazy romance/adventures I’ve read in a long time.” 

 “Heart-pounding…addictive…” quoted another.

   Ready for a laugh-a-minute and sometimes nail-biting romance from a man’s point of view? 

   Read Jack Dancer’s Kat Man Blue.



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