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Website Mgt. Notes -

This page contains notes and instructions for managing this website.

Contact Form:

Goes to - If stays here should this email connect to MailChimp account?

Reader correspondence through this form could be valuable TA information to collect - make groups, etc.

Subscriber Form:

Lightbox including Contact Collections app feeding subscriber names and emails to MailChimp.

The carrot to complete the Subscriber Form is: Free E-Book Download.

How this works:

Subscriber Form data goes to MailChimp account where a Confirmation Email is automatically and immediately sent back to Subscriber's email with a link to a hidden Downloads Page on the JD website This page contains buttons for the Subscriber to select the download file format and download the file from Dropbox.

MailChimp Account collects Subscriber names and emails for Email Marketing Campaigns.

Reason for email link to Downloads Page: 1) less complicated than working out a "Members" pass to a hidden Downloads Page, 2) Helps prevent fake email addresses. (If the Subscriber wants the free ebook they must provide a valid email address.)


Jack Dancer MailChimp Account is:

UserID: jackdancer2018

Pass:  Blackhole1667#

Jack Dancer Zoho Account is:


Pass:  Blackhole1667#

Backup email account:

Constant Collection:



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